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  1. E-certificates: all candidates will receive e-certificates. 

  2. Teacher E-certificates: prize winners can request e-certificates for their teachers.

  3. Royale Grand Prize: one winner nominated by the competition committee (minimum mark 95). The winner will receive a special winner medal. The winner can order paper certificate and medal for his/her teacher at an additional cost.

  4. Diamond Prize: mark 95-100; Gold Prize: mark 85-94; Silver Prize: mark 75-84; Bronze Prize: mark 65-74; Honorable Mention: mark 60-64. Participation: mark below 60. There can be more than one winner for Diamond/Gold/Silver/Bronze Prize in each category. Diamond/Gold/Silver/Bronze Prize winners can order paper certificates and award shields for themselves and for their teachers at an additional cost.

  5. Special Prize: nominated by the jury panel.

  6. Royale Annual Awards: will be announced in January 2024 - all results in 2023 spring, summer, autumn and winter competitions will be calculated (Royale Grand Prize +7, Diamond Prize +6, Gold Prize +5, Silver Prize +3, Bronze Prize +1, Special Prize +1)

  7. The Diamond/Gold Prize Winners in each category will receive personal winners' e-posters. These posters will also be published on the Winners Page of the Royale Music Competition website.

  8. We offer special acknowledgement of selected prize-winning videos, posted on Royale Music Competition's Youtube channel (winners’ highlights video) and Facebook & Instagram.

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