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Royale Music Competition - Award Shield

Size 100mm (max height), 80mm (max width)

Winner's Name will be engraved on the plate

A5 Certificate with lamination

Size 148.5 x 210 mm

  • New Customised CD Award - Participants now have the opportunity to create their own exclusive CD, featuring all the winning music from the same season.

  • All prize winners can order award shield, paper certificate and award CD.

  • Each form submitted is for one shield/certificate/CD.

  • Please ensure that you filled in the correct and most recent full address.

  • The awards will be dispatched within one month after the order is placed.

  • Once your orders have been dispatched, you will receive an email notification. You will also receive a tracking link. The estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks in Europe after dispatch, 3-4 weeks in other areas after dispatch.

  • If you are ordering for your teacher, please fill in the teacher's name in the 'Winners Name' field.

  • Teacher e-certificate can be requested by filling out the teacher e-certificate form.

  • Please note that customs authorities in some countries may impose import taxes. If you don't pay these taxes, your order may be returned by customs. In such a case, we can resend the order to you once the parcel gets back, but you will be responsible for covering the international redelivery postage fee.

  • There will be a re-delivery charge if the address is filled with mistakes or the delivery is missed/returned.

New Customised CD Award​ - Would you like to turn your performance audio into an award CD?  All winners of the diamond gold, silver and bronze prizes are eligible to order award CD, featuring all the winning music from the same season. CD layout same as images above: front matches winning poster, back features submitted biography.

​Service Notice: 

This CD production service is currently limited to music within the public domain, except for cases where you are the composer and hold the copyright for the piece. If your recording includes performances or soundtracks by other individuals, you will need to provide authorisation for their use in CD production.

Awards Order Form
Select an item (£)

*If you have won prizes in multiple categories within the same season, your CD can feature all your winning music from that season. Please note that the prize-winning music used for creating the CD should either be in the public domain or composed by you, with you holding the copyright. If your prize-winning music is not in the public domain, don't worry. You can send us an alternative performance of the same duration meeting this requirement. If your recording includes performances or soundtracks by other individuals, you will need to provide authorization for their use in CD production.


We have received your order, thanks!

Share your victory

Would you like to share the thrill of victory with individuals across the globe? Once you have printed your e-certificate or received your ordered award shield/certificate, take a photo of yourself with them and send it to us. By doing so, you could potentially be showcased on our official social media platforms and the WOMCO winners showcase!

Upload File

Received, thank you!

All Prize Winners' teacher can request the teacher award e-certificate (Free of charge).

Kindly provide the names of the teachers below, and the award team will process the request and send the certificate within the next two weeks.

WOMCO is now introducing the Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers

All prize winners' teachers in our competition are eligible to join and be featured as a member of the Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers.

If you are the teacher of a prize winner and are willing to be listed as one of the Global Exceptional Teachers, please fill in the table below with your title and the music institution. If you are a student filling in on behalf of your teacher, please make sure you have obtained your teacher's consent beforehand.

Teacher E-certificate

We have received the request.Teacher e-certificate will be sent to you in the next two weeks' time.

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